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No Equipment, Physical Education


Identify a leader whom will call out instructions to the children. Before beginning the game, demonstrate the bean names and their respective actions. It might be useful to identify only some actions to begin with and then introduce more gradually. Some names of beans and their actions can be found below:

  •   Broad bean: Children stand and make their body shape as wide as possible.
  •   Runner bean: Children have run on the spot.
  •   Cannellini beans: Children assume a leaning position; creating bridges, assuming a press-upposition or leaning on one and other are all suitable options.
  •   String bean: Children stand still and raise their arms above their head and put their handstogether to make them as tall as possible.
  •   Pea: Children will get on the floor and curl up into a small ball.Other names can be chosen such as those below to add an increased element of fun to the game
  •   Silly bean: Children can do something funny on the spot for 5 seconds.
  •   Sleepy bean: Children have to lie down on the floor and pretend to sleep.

Printable copy: Beans

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