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Parachute Games, Physical Education

Fruit Salad

Have the children stood in a circle around the parachute. Give each child a fruit that they are to represent (use three or four fruits; such as apple, orange and banana).

The group begins by shaking the parachute continuously. The teacher, or a chosen individual, then calls out the name of a fruit. The parachute is lifted high into the air and the children representing the fruit called change places by running underneath the parachute. Once the children are out from the parachute, and are once again shaking it, another fruit can be called. If ‘fruit salad’ is called all children change places with each other, by running under the parachute.

Be careful with this game as some children deliberately try to trap others under the parachute and those running under the parachute may charge into others.

Printable copy: Fruit Salad

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