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No Equipment, Physical Education

Rats And Rabbits

Group the children into pairs. Organise the children so that they’re lined down the middle of the space being used to play in, facing away from their partner (and so facing towards the outside of the area). Identify all the children facing one way as ‘Rats’ and the children facing the other as ‘Rabbits’. Mark out an end line.

A leader then shouts either Rats or Rabbits. If Rats is shouted then all the children identified as Rats must attempt to reach the end line before their partner (whom is a rabbit) is able to catch them. If Rabbits is shouted then the opposite happens, where the Rats attempt to catch their partner before they reach the end line.

To progress this game, another command could be given whilst the children are chasing so that they must change direction when not stationary.

Printable copy: Rats And Rabbits

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